Docs Heidi Ho

Docs Heidi Ho

Red Roan 1994

Woodland Doc

Palomino 1978 Top Sire in CBHI Program Proven Performer that sires Winners including NFR qualifiers and top Barrel horses

Doc's Demonstrator

Chestnut 1970

Doc Bar

Chestnut 1956 Hall of Fame Race money-earner Halter Point Earner In 2007 Western Horseman magazine chose Doc as number two on their list of top ten ranch horse bloodlines

Lightning Bar

Sorrel 1951 Hall of Fame AQHA Champion Race money-earner ROM Performance

Dandy Doll

Chestnut 1948

Lucky Debbie Kay

Sorrel 1960

Dice Gill

Sorrel 1947

Mim Warner

Sorrel 1946

Miss Pally Bar

Palomino 1970

Keen Bar Bailey

Sorrel 1962

Clabber Bar

Chestnut 1954

Keen Bailey

Sorrel 1957

Taffy Duster

Buckskin 1960

Jack Duster

Sorrel 1957

Narda G

Buckskin 1943

Plumb Roan

Red Roan 1985

Mr Roan Hancock

Blue Roan 1980

Salty Roan

Roan 1960

Gila Jo Hancock

Brown 1965

Plumb Hancock

Red Roan 1974

Salty Roan

Roan 1960

Span Kit

Sorrel 1958

Top Deck Jimmer

Grey 1974

Nachie Roan

Roan 1966

Red Britches Star

Red Roan 1976

Bida Cake

Blue Roan 1969

Saltys Red Cake

Red Roan 1971

Docs Heidi Ho