We are excited to have won the 2013 CBHI Stallion Super Stakes bid on Rarely Outdone from Sky's the Limit Performance Horses.

Leos Blue Valentine

Blue Baldy Joe

Blue Roan 1995 98% Foundation Bred

Mr Roan Hancock

Blue Roan 1980

Salty Roan

Roan 1960

Blue Valentine

Blue Roan 1956


Sorrel 1947

Gila Jo Hancock

Brown 1965

Baldy Joe

Brown 1941 Race ROM Sire

Gila Girl 3

Sorrel 1962

Alice Bluegown

Black 1977

Blue Valentine

Blue Roan 1956

Red Man

Roan 1935 Race ROM Sire AQHA High Performance Sire NCHA money-earner

Beauty's Dream

Black 1938

Xanta's Li'l Gal

Sorrel 1970


Sorrel 1961

Sis Rogers

Chestnut 1957

Sheza Mazie

Chestnut 1977 24 AQHA Points

Little Doc Horn

Sorrel 1961


Sorrel 1940 Hall of Fame Performance Point Earner

Joe Reed II

Chestnut 1936

Little Fanny

Black 1937

Randle's Lady

Sorrel 1938

Doc Horn

Chestnut 1921

Mare by Son of DJ

Bar U Junebug 17

Dun 1961

Poco Light

Dun 1952

Poco Bueno

Brown 1944 Hall of Fame AQHA Champion ROM Performance

Smokey Lee

Dun 1946

Helen 2 Hancock

Black 1946

Little Black Joe

Black 1937

Mare by Toyland

Leos Blue Valentine

Past Foals

My Pacific Valentine or "Go 2" is owned by Riley Wilson, 2012 CFR Qualifier,
of Claresholm, Alberta
Trained by: Billy VanLoon
Sire: Kansas Bar Bailey
Dam: Leos Blue Valentine

Check out their testimonial on him Testimonials

My Pacific Valentine

Wilson and Go2 Winning Ponoka 2012